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Faculty members of Pure Mathematics

Name Research field
SUGIE Jitsuro Ordinary differential equations, function differential equations, difference equations and their applications to science
NAKANISHI Tosihiro Complex analysis, in particular, the theory of Teichmuller spaces, hyperbolic geometry and discrete groups
UEDA Akira Orders in Artinian rings, especially research on non-commutative valuation rings
AOKI Miho Number theory. In particular, algebraic number theory and Iwasawa theory
YAMADA Takumi Differential geometry
MATSUHASHI Eiichi On approximation theorems of continuous maps and their applications
WATANABE Tadayuki Differential topology, especially, invariants of manifolds and fiber bundles, and topological field theory
MAETA Shun Differential Geometry, especially polyharmonic maps of order k and submanifolds


Faculty members of Applied Mathematics

Name Research field
KUROIWA Daishi Convex Analysis, Nonlinear Analysis, and Applications to Optimization Theory
WADA Takeshi Partial differential equations, especially theory of well-posedness and asymptotic behavior of solutions to nonlinear dispersive equations
SAITO Yasuhisa Ordinary differential/difference equations, delay differential equations, and mathematical biology, especially mathematics for population dynamics
YAMADA Takayuki Mathematical Statistics
SUZUKI Satoshi Nonlinear analysis and mathematical programming, especially research on quasiconvex programming

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