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Welcome to the website of the Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics was established in 1949, at the same time when Shimane University was founded.
Mathematics plays an indispensable role in human activities, and is one of the fundamental subjects taught in primary education besides reading and writing. Advanced mathematics provides sophisticated tools and a rigorous framework to analyze and describe various real-life phenomena, and seeks the beauty in numbers.

About the undergraduate program

The education program of the department offers two majors: in pure mathematics and in applied mathematics.
In the first year, various foundational courses are taught, and then starting from the second year students will learn more advanced courses, such as:
● Algebra ● Geometry ● Topology ● Real analysis
● Complex functions ● Statistics ● Applied mathematics
By studying pure and applied mathematics, students will develop skills, such as:
● Logical reasoning and creative thinking
● Problem solving capabilities
● Knowledge of data analysis and statistics
● Outstanding presentation skills
Our graduates acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for succeeding in today's high-tech society.
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About the graduate programs

Master's degree program
Upon completion of their bachelor studies, students may continue their studies in the master's program of the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering. During their graduate studies, students will learn about:
  • Pure mathematics (Ordinary differential equations,Functional analysis,Complex analysis,Ring theory,Number theory,Differential geometry,Topology, Complex geometry)
  • Applied mathematics (Mathematical statistics,Operations research,Partial differential equations,Ergodic theory,Biomathematics)
It is possible to learn a variety of subjects starting from foundational mathematics to cutting-edge mathematics during our graduate program. Students upon completion of their studies will be able to find employment both in the public and private sector. In particular, our graduates find employment in junior high school and high school, and in the IT industry.
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The department offers a double degree program that allows students to obtain in addition a master's degree from Northeast Normal University (China) at the time of their graduation. Interested students should check the following website for details:
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Doctoral degree program
Upon completion of the master's program, students may choose to further deepen their knowledge by enrolling to the doctoral program of the department. The department offers doctoral level courses in, among other things: Algebra, Convex and Nonlinear analysis, Qualitative Differential Equations, Semi-parametric model theory, Teichmüller space theory, Partial Differential Equations, Homological Algebra, Biomathematics, Topology, Complex Geometry, and Ergodic theory.
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