The second announcement ( 06/21/2002 )
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Dear participants,

We have recently sent the final announcement to ALL PARTICIPANTS in our list. If you did not receive our mail, please contact to us, now!: or

TIM2002 and JAMEX II

Shimane University and the Mathematical Society of Japan are organizing the international conference "Topology in Matsue". This conference, held jointly with the Second Japan-Mexico Topology Symposium, will take place at Shimane University in Matsue City, Japan, on June 24-28, 2002.

Scientific Program:
The Scientific program will begin in the morning on Monday, June 24.
Particular areas of interest of the conference will be included:
General Topology, Geometric Topology, Homotopy Theory, Knot Theory, Set-Theoretic Topology, Set theory and Applications.
The conference will have several sessions; General/Set-theoretic Topology and Set Theory, Geometric Topology, Homotopy Theory and Knot Theory. The session of General and Set-Theoretic Topology will be dedicated to Professor Jun-iti Nagata on his 77th birthday. The scientific program of the conference will consist of several plenary lectures, invited talks and contributed talks. We encourage all participants to present contributed talks.

Social Program:
We are planning a welcome party on Monday evening (June 24) and a banquet on Friday evening (June 28). We are also planning a half-day tour of the Izumo area on the afternoon of June 26. The fee for the tour will be about 3,000 Japanese yen. If you would like to take part in the tour, you should indicate so on the registration form and pay the fee at the beginning of the conference.

The Proceedings of the conference will be published as a special issue of "Topology and its Applications" (Elsevier Science) .

The third announcement (may be the final announcement) will be sent in May, 2002.

Please address all correspondence regarding the conference to any of the organizers or Yasunao Hattori, at or