Research Teaching
Dr. Johannes Jaerisch

Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Shimane University
Nishikawatsu 1060
Matsue, Shimane
690-8504 Japan

Office : Science and Engineering Building 3 -- Room 511

Research Interests:
Ergodic theory and dynamical systems, complex analysis, geometric group theory, fractal geometry.

I am a Lecturer at the Department of Mathematics of Shimane University, Japan.
My current research project Thermodynamic formalism for non-compact spaces with applications in conformal dynamics is funded by JSPS KAKENHI 17K14203.

I was awarded the Takebe Prize of the Mathematical Society of Japan in 2018.
Previously, I was a Postdoc Research Fellow in the Department of Mathematics of Waseda University hosted by Prof. Dr. Katsuhiko Matsuzaki.
My project Thermodynamic formalism and geometry of Kleinian groups in Waseda was funded by the JSPS P14321 for Overseas Researchers.
From 2011-2014, I was a Postdoc Research Fellow in the Department of Mathematics of Osaka University.
My host researcher in Osaka University was Prof. Dr. Hiroki Sumi.
My project Dimension Theory of Skew Products was funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).
I was awarded the Bremer Studienpreis 2011 for my Doctoral Thesis. My advisor was Prof. Dr. Marc Kesseboehmer.
I am a member of the scientific network Skew product dynamics and multifractal analysis funded by the DFG.

Teaching in Winter 2018:
Real analysis, 3rd year Undergraduate Course, Shimane University
Rinko Seminar, 3rd year Undergraduate Course, Shimane University
Dynamical systems and Ergodic theory, Master's course, Shimane University
Basic Matheamtics in Science and Engineering, Master's course, Shimane University

Recent research presentations:
09-22, 2018, University of North Texas, TX, US.
07-09, 2018, AIMS Conference on Dynamical systems, Differential Equations and Applications, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.
06-05, 2018, Dynamical systems - theory and applications, Kyoto University, Japan.
11-24, 2017, Ergodic theory and its applications (series of lectures), Hiroshima University, Japan.
11-23, 2017, Ergodic theory and its applications, Hiroshima University, Japan.
10-12, 2017, Recent progress in Ergodic theory, Kyoto University, Japan.
09-26, 2017, Integrated Research on the Theory of Random Dynamical Systems, Kyoto University, Japan.
09-11, 2017, MSJ Autumun Meeting 2017 at Yamagata University, Yamagata, Japan.
06-08, 2017, Dynamical Systems - Joint Exploration of Theory and Application, Kyoto University, Japan.
04-27, 2017, Kyoto Dynamics Days: Random dynamical systems and their applications, Kyoto, Japan.
04-01, 2017, Joint Mathematics Meeting, 2017, Atlanta, US.
03-24, 2017, MSJ Spring Meeting 2017 at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan.
12-13, 2016, Conference on Complex dynamics and its applications, Kyoto University, Japan.
09-16, 2016, Mathematical Society Japan, Autumn Meeting 2016, Research talk in the Probability theory section, Kansai University, Japan.
06-10, 2016, Conference on Dynamical systems and its applications, Kyoto University, Japan.
05-21, 2016, International workshop on ``Dynamics, Ergodic Theory and Fractals'',Osaka University, Japan, May 21.
03-17, 2016, Annual meeting of the Mathematical Society Japan, Invited talk in complex analysis session, Tsukuba University, Japan.
02-15, 2016, Annual meeting on Riemann surfaces and discontinuous groups, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan.
12-07, 2015, Bowen's formula for the Julia sets of some non-hyperbolic polynomial semigroups, RIMS Workshop on Complex dynamics, Kyoto, Japan.
11-15, 2015 Thermodynamic formalism for infinite group extensions of topological Markov chains, Annual meeting on ergodic theory, Keio University, Japan.
10-30, 2015, International Workshop on Mathematical Sciences, Dalien University, China
10-17, 2015, AMS Special Session, Fractal Geometry and Dynamical Systems, University of Memphis, TN
09-13, 2015, Mathematical Society Japan, Autumn Meeting 2015, at Kyoto Sangyo University
06-30, 2015 Hoelder regularity of the complex analogues of the Takagi function, Dynamical Systems and its applications, Kyoto University, Japan.
01-30, 2015 Thermodynamic formalism for the Poincare exponents of normal subgroups of free Kleinian groups, Kanto Dynamical Systems Seminar, The University of Tokyo, Japan